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Click the image to be taken to Esri’s 2020 Map Book. The maps in Esri® Map Book Volume 35, represent examples of how the use of digital geography helps us see what others can’t. From terrorism in France to monarch migration in the US to solar panel suitability in Puerto Rico, the data and spatial analytics developed from these works represent the growing geospatial infrastructure that represents our world in digital forms.
Cool Maps [kool maps] noun: A collection of creative maps that use the Esri Mapping Platform to demonstrate how solutions can be enriched with the power of location. Feel free to share these maps with friends but please remember that they are designed to stimulate ideas and for demonstration purposes only.
Explore the Maps We* Love gallery to see more examples of what’s possible with ArcGIS. Each addition to the gallery features inspiration, ideas, and information that will empower you to create your own compelling maps. 
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